Navigation and Data

Pathfinder GO

An elegant tool for a growing need

Description & details

Indoor navigational App for buildings

Pathfinder Go is a tool for organisations and visitors to gain insight into locations before they step in the door. Designed for hospitals Pathfinder Go provides detailed location information and routes to get to specific locations such as hospital wards.

Pathfinder Go is designed for each location to ensure the data is specific to your building. Working with you we will engineer your data into a highly usable App capable of supporting a wide range of visitors.

Visitors are provided with all the information they require to find their way around your building, thus helping to reduce anxieties associated with complex environments. Missed appointments will be reduced and staff less likely to be interrupted for directions.

Pathfinder Go Editor provides you with a tabletop tool to adapt your App information and create new routes for users to follow as environments change over time.

Location Managers

Be empowered to control your information and how the public navigate your environment. Add Augmented Reality staff into your location providing a friendly face for visitors to interact with.


Provide detailed information about locations and destinations to your audience all in one accessible place – on their phone.