A NEW METHOD We have an unstoppable drive to challenge the status-quo in medical education, fresh thinking, marketing and expert insights to change how we learn and share ideas around the globe.

A New Method

Learn new methods, advance your career, share knowledge and build your own masterclass with our suite of online tools.
Stribre has a breadth of experience building e-commerce engines, web portals and applications

Fresh Ideas

We’re passionate about bringing your ideas to life. We will help you shape, drive and create your platform.
From a single page site to sophisticated Content Management Systems, we can take you there

Unique Design

Our team of web experts will ensure your masterclass is beautiful, unique and effortless to navigate. We create seamless online, mixed reality platforms to engage and educate.
Exceeding expectations comes as standard

Mobile technologies

Our mobile app development team are experts in designing and developing bespoke cross-platform iOS and Android mobile apps to empower and inform your audience

Online technologies

Stribre craft beautiful content managed sites, e-commerce engines, web portals & applications.

From a single-page to online campaigns to highly interactive visual experiences.

A new reality

We create unique virtual, augmented and mixed reality environments to fully engage your delegates like never before. From the real world to bespoke virtual environments, we can take you there.


Sharing your expertise across the world has never been easier.

You can modify the language used on your platform to reach students anywhere, anytime. There are no limits.

Stribre team

Meet the exciting minds driving Stribre. We are passionate about making learning engaging, fun and focused, developing the latest tools to inspire audiences. Welcome to fresh new thinking.

Online learning

Create and sell beautiful online courses to share your expertise without limits combined with superb technical support and guidance.

Build a masterclass, be seen worldwide, share your knowledge and be rewarded.

We drive business to the next level

We know that content is key.

Creating focused, relevant and rewarding training packages can be complex. The team at Stribre simplifies this process for you by focussing on the customer, and what they need.

Step by step, easy to use templates will effortlessly transform your online training from first concept to feedback and assessment - We’ve got it covered.

High end innovative learning

Our team will create a powerful yet personal learning experience for each of your students.

From school kids to surgeons we design training packages loaded with the latest technology to empower your audience.

Powerful immersive virtual reality and mixed reality teaching environments
Design and printing of integrated workbooks that fit seamlessly into your course material.

Automated assessment and accreditation tools

We drive business to the next level

Website creation from single pages to complex content management packages.

Mobile web solutions and app development will allow your customers to engage with you wherever they are. Our fresh thinking team adapt to this ever changing market, embracing new technology to ensure your site is optimised and responsive on any platform.

Virtual, augmented and mixed reality solutions to bring your company to life using ground-breaking technology.

Our team are passionate about creating stand out branding, so your business stands tall above the competition.

Unique solutions to improve patient lives

Ground breaking navigation apps to guide patients, visitors and staff to key hospital location.

We create information based websites and mobile solutions to educate, inform, reassure and empower patients and their families.

Our online medical classes improve clinical outcomes and reduce health care costs through the improvement of competencies.

Expertly prepared course material, combined with hands-on workshops. Our experts reveal the secrets that have made them the best in their field.

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